Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

I’m actually starting this site because of a class I’m taking about technology in the classroom.  Which is great and all, but in many ways the assignment has me a bit frustrated:  according to my instructions, I’m supposed to throw in a whole bunch of stuff that…doesn’t actually fit with the theme I decided to go with.  I’m sure if I decide to keep this page running long enough, I’ll start putting in external links (although maybe not an embedded YouTube video or a calendar).

In the meantime, I might as well introduce myself a little more thoroughly.  I am known (at least within the Pacific Northwest science fiction community) as Harlock.  Mind you, I’m not to be confused with the anime character Captain Harlock.  I am no dashing space pirate, but a rather scruffy would-be bard and filker.  It’s been a while since I haunted the halls of NorwesCon and OryCon, having moved to Indiana “temporarily” in 2008, and while I have attended OVFF a few times, we haven’t had the budget to afford that luxury lately.

As you may discover if you (and I) stick around, my interests are myriad, from education to science fiction to gaming to music to–God help me–politics.  Back in the dim recesses of history, when communication over the internet was much more limited in scope than it is today, I had a habit of wandering over to IRC and setting up channel 667 as the “Shady Dragon Inn” and inviting people in for some faux-Elizabethan chatting.  Thus the name of the site (though I don’t intend to break into faux-Elizabethan speech any time soon).  I just hope this version of the Shady Dragon isn’t as prone to attracting “drive-by” posters who only stop in long enough to spew insults, then leave.  Enjoy your stay!


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