Gin & Chthonic

ttto “Scotch & Soda” (copyright Dave Guard, actual songwriter anonymous).  Use covered under parody provision of Fair Use doctrine.

by Harlock


Gin and chthonic, rotting my brain,

Baby am I insane–oh me, oh my.

Great Cthulhu’s nigh.


Slimy horrors, unspeakable sin,

Oh, what a spell you’ve got me in, oh my.

Great Cthulhu’s nigh.


People don’t believe me, they say I’m only dreamin’

That I could see the things I’ve seen and not just run off screamin’

All it took was one of your smiles

Sparkle of Rlyeh in the sea, oh my.

Great Cthulhu’s closer than the birds that fly.

I’m in terror, Great Cthulhu’s nigh.

(repeat last verse)



I suppose this one deserves a bit of explanation.  I was attending a filk circle *LATE* one Saturday night at…I think it was a WesterCon in Portland.  The topic had drifted into puns, and I suggested that the favored mixed drink at Miskatonic University would be a gin and chthonic.  I then remarked that “gin and chthonic” scanned to “Scotch and Soda”, whereupon somebody (Cecelia Eng, maybe?) said “you HAVE to write that!”  So I still occasionally introduce this as “because you were sleep-depped enough to demand it…”