The Gaming Con Attendee’s Lament

ttto “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Use covered by parody provision of Fair Use doctrine.

by Harlock


It’s a wonderful day to go questing. (2x)

I’ve lots of caffeine and my dice are all hot,

So bring on the monsters, let’s see what they’ve got!


Our fighter failed his will save,

Now he is standing too still.

I’ve got a horrible feeling

Ev’rything’s going downhill.


All the party is turning to statues. (2x)

A medusa before us, a gorgon behind–

Like the dadblasted DM can’t make up his mind!


Our rogue just failed his fort save,

Now he is shocky and pale.

I’ve got a horrible feeling

Soon we’ll be selling his mail.


Now it’s Sunday: I’m stuffed full of NoDoz. (2x)

My dice have gone cold and I am half-awake,

But there’s still one more treasure I’ve just got to take.


My wizard failed his ref save,

Now he is crispy and charred.

I’ve got a horrible feeling

Next I’ll be playing my bard.